Registering A Domain Name

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When registering a domain name, computers do not talk to each other in English. Nor will people remember web addresses such as The compromise is to translate a domain name into a numerical address. These domain names are registered and serve as part of your business's online brand. For example, in, is the domain.

This will probably be displayed on your business card and all marketing materials. Often, it will be the very first item of information a new client sees, so putting a bit of thought into choosing it is essential.

Selecting a Domain Name

Since we want to attract visitors to your website, it's crucial that we make it easy for them to find it. The domain, in addition to being unique, should be memorable, short enough to type easily and representative of your small business.

Just think of the brand recognition names like Google, Skype and Wikipedia. None of these words were in common use when they were registered, each is short and easy to pronounce, and they're all used millions of times a day.

In addition, using keywords in your website name is good practice, both from a search engine optimization viewpoint and to assist as an aid to memory. If you own a web design company, "webdesign" (or some intelligently chosen variation) gets the point across perfectly. In addition, the ".ca" suffix tells you roughly where you're located – if it were a more locally centered business, We might have included a city name.

Domain Name Registration

It's possible to conduct domain registration directly with the organization called ICANN, but it's far easier to use a service like GoDaddy. The first step is to brainstorm possible domain names, ideally with a SEO expert in the room. A list of a dozen or more suitable names is a good starting point.

Using the GoDaddy website, you can then check to see if the name has been previously registered, called a whois search. Often, domains are "squatted", where some entrepreneur has thought up an interesting name, registered it and are willing to sell it for whatever price.

Depending on the desirability of the name, the price may range from a few dollars to several thousand dollars. Occasionally, the name you really want may be registered with a .com suffix, but be available under .org or as another variation. You can also register multiple domains and direct them all to the same website.


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