09 Jan 2017

Choosing A Domain Name – What Is The Best Domain For Your Business?

Choosing A Domain Name – What Is The Best Domain For Your Business?

Choosing A Domain Name For Your Business

When launching a new website for a small business venture or company, choosing a domain name can seem like one of the most mind-wracking experiences. Essentially, you are choosing the name that you will stick with for the next few years of your life. What you choose to name your website may very well make or break your business.

The Domain Name Game

Your domain name must be unique to you and your business. It should be easy to remember and easy to spell. Here are a few tips for choosing the best domain name for your business.

Choose a New Name

Being unique on the Internet is the key to driving in customers and sales. Choosing a domain name that is not similar to any other existing domain names is something that will benefit you and your business in the long run. Having a name that is truly your own is the best way to make sure you site is on the path to success.

Go with a “.com” Domain

The “.com” extension is definitely preferred all over the world. 75% of websites end in a “.com”. If the first name you choose isn’t the correct name, go with your second option before choosing alternative extensions. If potential customers simply only type your domain name without the special extension, they will be returned to a domain name with the “.com” extension.

Make Your Name Marketable

The name you choose is your brand. When people read your name, they should know what your site is about. Take a chance to experiment with how brand-able you name ideas are. Take a survey amongst your friends to get an idea of a name you should choose.

The Shorter the Better

A short, one word domain name is an easy way to make your name memorable. However, most one word domain names have been taken. Test out name ideas with one or two more words. Lately, domain names with two word combinations have been popular. Remember, choose something that is catchy and something that will stick in people’s minds. Avoid acronyms at all costs unless it is an extremely popular acronym.

Make Sure to Stay Consistent

Your chosen domain name should be consistent with your Internet presence on social media platforms. Be sure to make sure that you can access your chosen name on other sites. Choosing a domain name takes some serious thought, but once the perfect fit is found, you can get started building your brand.

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