27 Feb 2017

5 Ways to Use Google Analytics to Improve Your Website

5 Ways to Use Google Analytics to Improve Your Website

5 Ways to Use Google Analytics to Improve Your Website

Google Analytics is the most widely used web analytics and free tool on the internet that tracks and report a site’s traffic to help improve your website . It provides data denoting the source of site traffic and their interaction with the site. This is a revolutionary tool helps in knowing what is working and what is not on the website.
Here are five approaches to using Google Analytics to improve and make your site better.

All Pages Report

This allows you to see which pages are most popular with users on your site. By having knowledge of the landing pages your audience is interacting with, you will have the upper hand to restructure your site.

Improve your website with this report, you will know which resources to apply and which to discard based on the user activity on your website.

All Traffic Report

This report enables you to identify the source of your site’s traffic. The analytics from this report also allows you to see how the different sources of traffic that drives the engagements on your site.

From this report, you will know what resources to apply to the various sources to increase the level of interaction on your website.

User Resonating Content

With Google Analytics traffic report, you will know which type of content attracted users to your site. This gives insight in which type of topics to include ensuring the fruitful execution of your content marketing campaigns.
This application of Google Analytics will help you choose subjects and headlines that have personal relevance to your audience. The content ought to be unique to ensure it does not attract too much competition.

Analyze potential New Markets

With the All Traffic Report, one can know which new markets need exploiting. Since companies seeking to expand need to have background information on the areas they wish to expand, user traffic on a website will give the locations where a business can expand to, given the number of site visitations.
This will effortlessly cut out the need for conducting expensive global feasibility studies to narrow down to a particular area.

Website Views Platforms

The Google Analytics tool also tracks down and identifies the type of device users are using to access your site. This can be either mobile devices or computers. It will give insights as to how your site ranks in the search engine results for mobile or computers.
It is necessary to have a mobile optimized website since over 80% of the population in the modern age access the internet from mobile devices.

BH web design can help in the analyzing the data generated by Google Analytics. The data when properly implemented will boost a website’s conversion rates.

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