13 Feb 2017

Mobile Friendly Websites – Make Your Existing Site Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly Websites – Make Your Existing Site Mobile Friendly

Make your existing site mobile friendly Websites

Each year, more and more people take advantage of mobile friendly websites technology to view the Internet predominantly on their smart phones and their tablets rather than on their computers and their laptops.

Most people still visit websites from a larger screen device like a desktop or a laptop right now, but it isn’t going to be all that long until these numbers reverse completely.

This is why you have to be sure that you are doing everything you can to create mobile friendly websites right out of the box, or that you do everything in your power to overhaul your existing website so that it is as mobile friendly as possible going forward.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you do exactly that!

Take advantage of a Content Management System

WordPress is currently the world’s most frequently taken advantage of open source software, 100% free of charge and powering almost half of the world’s websites right now. The real advantage to using a CMS like this one is that you can separate your content from your design completely – and that means it becomes effortless to create mobile ready websites with the content that you already have on your site right now.

Streamline your Mobile Friendly websites imagery

Having a lot of images on your website – or a lot of visual media, including videos – is not only going to slow the loading of your websites down significantly (forcing you to pay for much more expensive hosting packages along the way), but it’s also going to make navigating your website on a mobile device a real pain in the neck as well.

By streamlining the amount of imagery that you have on your website, and by making sure that all of the images and videos that you upload are as small of files as possible without losing any clarity along the way, you are going to be able to dramatically improve your mobile website results across the board.

This kind of “housekeeping” can definitely take a bit of extra time – especially if you have to go back and redo all of the imagery and save them to smaller files – but it is well worth the effort.

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