16 Feb 2017

How Important Is It to Quickly Respond to Your Visitors?

How Important Is It to Quickly Respond to Your Visitors?

How well do you respond to your Website visitors?

In the “golden days” of the Internet, websites were mostly seen as nothing more than digital versions of books and magazines – places you would visit to read content all on your own, and that was about it, you didn’t have to respond to your website visitors.

Then the world of Web 2.0 came rushing in and everything changed almost overnight.

Now websites are seen more as communication tools, channels for like-minded people to interact with one another, and very much living and breathing bits and pieces of technology that live and die based on communication.

But how are you stacking up when it comes to responding to your visitors?

What kind of communication tools do your visitors have available to them?

At the very least you need to make sure that you have an email form that is absolutely effortless to use so that your visitors can reach out and communicate with you whenever they need to, and that they have the option to do so without having to leap through a bunch of different hoops.

It’s also not a bad idea to have an online forum if you have the time to moderate (or the staff to handle that heavy lifting), and live chat tools and online comments are also effective tools for communication that make it a lot easier to respond to your website visitors.

How quickly are you able to get back to your visitors?

Email and texting, not to mention social media, has made it almost impossible for people to expect anything less than an instant response when they message someone through the Internet – and that poses a lot of really big problems for people that are running businesses or active websites.

It is important that you are able to get back to and respond to your website visitors quickly, but that doesn’t mean instantly. If you need a day or two to process communications and respond take a day or two – would make sure that you are keeping your responses consistent and congruent so that you can manage expectations.

What can you do to improve the authenticity of communications without overloading yourself?

The worst thing you can do when it comes to responding to your visitors is respond to quickly in the early stages of your site (simply because you don’t have that many communications to get to right now) and then stretch out response time significantly as you build and grow.

You’ll upset people that you used to respond to instantly, you create negative expectations, and you’ll eventually collapse under the weight of having to respond to everyone with lightning like speed.

Instead create stages that allow you to improve the authenticity of your communications without overloading yourself or your staff. Use email forms that are sent out automatically as a response to outline expectations for a follow-up response, for example, to really set the tone right off the bat.

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